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Gun Purchase/Transfer


     All transfers must be approved in writing by Katina Salisbury. Please submit your request to 


     The fees are $50.00 for all approved transfers for both firearms and shotguns/long guns. 

     If your firearm arrives at the store without prior approval, there will be an additional $100.00 handling fee. If the firearm you sent into the store is not Maryland compliant you will pay all shipping fees to have it sent back to the dealer you purchased it from. 

Before you buy check your firearm is on the Handgun Roster by clicking below...

Gun Purchase/Transfer: Text

Buying Process

     Once your firearm arrives it will be checked in, then we will call you to inform you that it has arrived. Note: If you are tracking the delivery and the package says "delivered" there is a possibility the serial number has not been properly checked in, please do not walk in expecting to do paperwork if we have not contacted you. We try to have guns checked in within 24 hours after initial delivery but if you haven't received correspondence from us please do not walk in. If your firearm is still in the store 90 days after being checked in, you will be charged a $10.00 per month storage fee until the gun is picked up.

     Once we call you to inform you that your firearm has arrived you will have to complete your Maryland State Police Paperwork (known as the 77R) online. Click here to get a link to the website where you may complete the 77R.

     Once your 77R is complete call to ensure Tina is present to process your application. You will have to provide your Driver's license with the correct address (or change of address card) and the id used to complete the 77R. 

     If you have questions feel free to contact us at 410-686-4297.


Gun Purchase/Transfer: Text
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