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A Wide Range of Law-Enforcement Clothing

MD Police Supply offers everything from sturdy footwear and gloves, to guns and badges. Based in Baltimore, Maryland, we are proud to offer supplies to citizens and law enforcement teams, both locally and nationwide.


MD Police Supply, LLC, stands proudly by the footwear we provide. Made by Bates — a company who is very supportive of our small business — these high-quality products can be delivered to you in as little four to seven days. We offer several police footwear options, including: six to eight inch leather boots (with side zippers), lightweight boots, and high-gloss shoes. Our boots come in sizes from eight to thirteen, and the shoes start at a men's size seven and go to a men's size fifteen — wide sizes can be ordered as needed. These are all stocked in black.


Come on in and try our high-quality belts. We stock the academy-required Garrison Belt. Sizes are available from a 28 inch to a 50 inch waist. Please note that this product can always be exchanged in-store or refunded if you have purchased the belt online.

Black Leather Belt

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MD Police Supply can also fill all your duty/shooting glove needs. We carry gloves by two high-quality brands — HWI and Gloves for Professionals (GFP). They are made in a variety of comfortable and durable materials, from neoprene to leather.

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