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Powerful Personal Protection

In these dangerous times, proper protection becomes more and more necessary. Based in Baltimore, Maryland, we at MD Police Supply work hard to supply citizens and police alike with effective safety tools — from firearms to clothing. Come visit our showroom, or call us today to place an order.

Defensive Sprays

Keep yourself safe with our Sabre defensive sprays, perfect for use by law enforcement or civilians. With a highly potent active ingredient, this spray is non-flammable and compatible with electronic devices. The product comes in various sizes and delivery methods, including fog or stream options. Many of the local police departments come to us for their supply of defensive sprays.


For a high level of personal protection, come to MD Police Supply, LLC, for an intimidating baton. We offer three brands, ASP (which comes in 16", 21", or 26" varieties), Monadnock (which comes in a 26" option, with a holder), and Espantoon (which is the baton of choice of the Baltimore Police Department). We have found these batons to be very popular as a retirement or graduation gift. Please note that this product is a restricted item, so additional ID would be required to purchase it.

Security Officer With Baton and Cuffs

Firearm Accessories

Keep your firearm clean with our convenient cleaning kits. With these products, you will always have the lubes, oils, and brushes that you need. Our cleaning kits are made by Hoppe's and Mil-Tec, a local company here in Maryland.

Gun Grips

MD Police Supply, LLC, carries gun grips, designed to attach to the base of your firearm and grant a more secure hold. We offer grips from Hogue and also from Pearce, who offer a grip extender for a gun's magazine. We can install Pearce products in-house.

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